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Why it's all in german (or wouldn't it be better to offer an english based webpage)?

This article is written in english and primarily addressed to english speaking people.

Sometimes I get asked why my website is german only.
Some not german speaking people want to use the TrainingLab Pro PC software and want to support this project, but have concerns that there isn't any english based support.

Here is the answer (in a few words):

TrainingLab Pro application:

The TrainingLab Pro software supports an english and german based GUI -> so TrainingLab Pro isn't a german only PC program, but can be switched to an english interface (indeed I'm developing the TrainingLab Pro in english and do the (german) translation stuff afterwards).

The support 'thing':

Developing and offering a computer application is one thing, but you must support users, if they have any problems.

And here the problems begin:

I'm not a native english speaker, but of course I'm able to speak and write english (although not perfect, as you can possibly see while reading this blog article, but who is already perfect :) ?).

Sometimes I must ask madame Google (Google translator) for some help, so writing in english and doing english based support is more time-consuming for me.

In other words, I'm able to answer questions in english, but not at fast as I'm able to do this in german.

Status Quo:

So, regarding the TrainingLab Pro project this means:

  • the main TrainingLab Pro application supports - besides german - an english interface too
  • my TrainingLab Pro website doesn't, but is german only (at the moment)
    (this includes the author FAQ, some written instructions and the official TrainingLab Pro PDF manual, that is german only at the moment -> one must or should use Google translation service)
  • yes, english based email support exists, but due to fact that this is a more time-consuming task for me, in general, it could last some more days.  

That's the reason, why the TrainingLab Pro project website is german only and therefore limited respective to english. There are many not german speaking TrainingLab Pro users and till now, it wasn't a big deal to support them if they had needed help.
It would be worse to fake a perfect world szenario regarding this kind of (support) stuff, if I couldn't handle all this in a perfect manner. I'm a developer and not a faker!

Maybe this can improve in the future, so that a better international support will be the result, but as long as I handle this by myself, things are going on like they are going on at this time.


Now you should know what's going on and why things are like they are... I prefer the honest way, therefore I won't build up a perfect world scenario that I cannot handle for the moment. Not a fake world, but a grey world (with respect to one of my former favourite HC bands called Attitude Adjustment *) :) Get the point!

Thanks for reading...

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